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An organisation with a history
“We’ve been helping New Zealanders with financial services for over 170 years.”

We are proud to be New Zealand’s oldest traditional Friendly Society. We have been helping New Zealanders since 1842. When we started out, as you can imagine, things were very different from today, life was hard for families as there were no adequate health care services, no insurance providers and no form of government funding for social welfare.

The original idea behind a friendly society came about in the UK over 400 years ago. A simple idea, but highly innovative for its time. Communities who knew and trusted each other pooled their funds together, so that in the event of sickness or hardship, individual members could draw upon funds from the pool that they had contributed to, helping them get through the hard times. Of course we have diversified and expanded since the early days, but our philosophy hasn’t changed and we will always take pride in the basis of our organisation People Helping People.

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