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Education Awards

Members and their Children receive education awards to assist with education costs. Awards are available for Secondary and Tertiary education. 

Awards for Higher Tertiary Education

The Awards for Higher Tertiary Education are designed to assist and encourage Manchester Unity members, or their children, to undertake full-time tertiary study in a wide range of areas (Tertiary study is intended to be widely interpreted – university, polytechnic, teachers  college, trade apprenticeship, etc., as long as the course is full time, for a minimum of a year, leads to a recognized trade, professional or educational qualification and is within New Zealand).

Up to four Awards may be approved each study year. Two Awards will cover the term of a degree at $2,500 per year. Two Awards will cover the term of study at $2,000 per year.

In addition the successful applicants receive free Manchester Unity membership and a $10,000.00 Funeral Plan for the term of their study. At the end of their study they can continue with the membership and Funeral Plan at their own cost.

Applications have now closed. Winners of the 2020 Higher Education Awards will be announced in December.

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Grants for Secondary Education

Each year we give up to 10 grants of $500.00 to children of members starting Year 9 the following year.

You can apply for the 2020 study year anytime up to the 30th of November. Check our Education Grant Application Pack or Email us…

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