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How do I change my contact details?

How to pay your dues - direct debit, credit card or internet banking?

How do I change the bank account or credit card number for my payment authority

What payment frequency options does Manchester Unity offer?

How can I check what is covered under my Medical Insurance?

My account was being paid out of the Credit Union and now I find it not. Who do I contact about this?

Does Society charge a fee to a Consolidated Lodge or my Sharefund for administrating the funds held at Society?

Am I able to get a UFS Chemist discount?

How do I book a Home and how far ahead can I book?

Upon shifting to another area in NZ do I transfer my membership to the Lodge in that area or not?

Can I be an Officer in a Lodge other than my own Lodge?

If my Lodge is looking to consolidating, will my management fee go up?

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How do I join Manchester Unity?

Can anyone join Manchester Unity?

What kind of events take place?

Where is my nearest branch?

If I join do I need to sign up to a product, like Medical Insurance?

If I join do I have to partake in meetings and social events?