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Friendly societies in New Zealand

Manchester Unity

Manchester Unity is New Zealand’s largest fraternal friendly society.  Our members pay small amounts of money over a long period so when they are ill, in financial hardship, or old, they will get money back; and receive help for their welfare throughout.

Members’ rights and privileges

Governance rights.  Manchester Unity members enjoy governance rights.  They may vote for or seek election to the board of directors.  Local lodge elections give further rights to get involved.

Ownership rights.  Members share ownership of Manchester Unity; they may receive appropriations from surpluses.

PrivilegesMembers also access the considerable privileges of membership-

Membership benefits Insurance products
Holiday homes

Education awards

Members Discount Card

Member-only deals

Welfare help

Social events

Lodge meetings and projects

Medical insurance

Funeral Plan

Personal insurance (home, contents, car, travel)

Life insurance




Other friendly societies in New Zealand

New Zealand Companies Office keeps a searchable register of all friendly societies, here.

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