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Funeral Plan

Plan Ahead for your Loved Ones. 

Why it is importantWhat does it provide?PremiumsHow to apply?How to claim?FAQs

Why it is important to plan ahead

Funerals can be expensive. Combined with the stress of losing you, your loved ones can find themselves facing bills for thousands of dollars for funeral arrangements.

With our Funeral Plan you can ease the financial burden for your loved ones.

What does the Funeral Plan Provide?

Flexible Cover

Under our Funeral Plan, Manchester Unity will pay the “Cover Amount”, which is your choice of $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 or the maximum Cover Amount of $10,000, if you die due to any cause more than 2 years after your Policy starts and before your Policy ends (provided you have paid all Premium Amounts).

If you die within the first 2 years of your Policy start date, Manchester Unity will not pay the Cover Amount, but your estate may receive a 100% refund of the Premium Amounts paid (provided that your Policy is still in force at the time of your death).

Guaranteed Acceptance

We guarantee to accept applications from Members and their Dependents between 16 and 85 years of age . We require no prior health or medical checks.

Premium-free period

You may be eligible for a “premium-free period”: if you paid Premium Amounts for at least 10 continuous years before your 90th birthday. Your policy will then continue free of charge until the Policy End Date.

Income tax-free lump sum

Your estate will receive the Cover Amount in a lump sum. Income tax is not payable on this lump sum.

The Funeral Plan is underwritten by Manchester Unity who will be responsible for all claims and other matters. The Funeral Plan is an insurance policy. It is not a savings plan and the Premium Amount paid may exceed the Cover Amount payable depending on how long you have the policy.

How much are you monthly premiums?

  Cover Amount
Age $2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $10,000
16-35 $14 $16 $18 $20
36-40 $15 $18 $21 $24
41-45 $16 $19 $23 $27
46-50 $17 $22 $27 $32
51-55 $18 $25 $31 $38
56-60 $20 $29 $38 $46
61-65 $24 $35 $47 $58
66-70 $29 $44 $60 $76
71 $32 $52 $71 $90
72 $34 $55 $75 $95
73 $36 $58 $80 $102
74 $38 $61 $85 $108
75 $40 $65 $91 $116
76 $43 $70 $97 $124
77 $45 $75 $104 $134
78 $49 $80 $112 $144
79 $52 $87 $121 $156
80 $56 $94 $132 $169
81 $60 $100 $140 $180
82 $64 $107 $150 $193
83 $68 $114 $160 $206
84 $73 $123 $172 $221
85 $79 $132 $185 $238

The Premium Amount can only change in accordance with the Policy. If we intend to increase the Premium Amount, we will give you 60 days’ written notice in advance of the increase.

How to apply?

Members of Manchester Unity and their Dependents (spouse or child) can apply as long as they are between 16 and 85 years of age at the time of their application. Download an Application Form and a Direct Debit Form. Complete and post to:

Manchester Unity Friendly Society, Freepost 2016, PO Box 5083, WELLINGTON 6140

Please note that we do not provide financial advice. You take responsibility for making sure that our Funeral Plan is right for you. If you require financial advice in relation to the Funeral Plan, we recommend you consult a financial adviser.

How to make a claim?

To make a claim, your estate must contact us. Manchester Unity will then tell your estate what information is required to support the claim.

Who can apply for the Funeral Plan?

I already have a Funeral Assistance Benefit (“FAB”) which I have been contributing to for a long time. What happens to that?

I already have a Funeral Assistance Benefit (FAB) with Manchester Unity . Can I apply for a Funeral Plan policy as well?

If a Member belongs to multiple Lodges then can they apply for more than $10,000?

I an not a member of Manchester Unity. Can I complete the Membership application form at the same time as my Funeral Plan application form?

Why should I join Manchester Unity? What is in it for me?

What is the Funeral Plan?

Can I change the cover amount after my Funeral Plan policy starts?

What happens if I die within the first two years of the policy starting?

Does it matter that I have funeral cover with another organisation?

How is my premium amount determined?

Will my premium amount go up?

How do I pay the premium amount?

Do my Premium Payments cease after paying in for X number of years?

Could Premium Amount payments exceed the Cover Amount?

Are there going to be bonuses?

How does my estate make a claim?

What happens if I cancel my policy?

Can I talk to someone about the Funeral Plan (other than online)?

Additional information PDFs – Brochure, Policy Wording, Application Form, Direct Debit Form, FAQs

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