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Injury and Illness

Suffering from an illness or injury is stressful enough without the added pressure of worrying about your finances, but there is cover available to help you focus on rest and recovery when you need to most.

Through our exclusive arrangements with Aon New Zealand and their Stylecover facility, you now have access to their Injury and Illness policy designed to pay a weekly benefit of up to $1,500 to cover your weekly pre-tax income should you not be able to work.

Backed by strong partners, Stylecover insurance refers to the insurance policy and is arranged by Aon New Zealand as the broker with Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited as the insurer.

Download more detailed information relating to the Stylecover Injury and Illness insurance policy – Policy Wording (Last updated February 2009).

Getting a quote is easy!

Simply click here, select the product you wish to receive a quotation for, enter your details, and click on the submit button. The Stylecover team will then email you a quote to consider.

Alternatively, to talk to one of the Stylecover customer service team call 0800 50 51 52 stating you are a Manchester Unity Member.

Need to lodge a claim? 

Lodging a claim is nice and easy over the phone with the Stylecover team by calling them on 0800 50 51 52. 

The Stylecover team will match your details and transfer you directly into the care of the insurer’s dedicated claims team. If more information is required, Stylecover will work with you to advise what is needed to support the claim.

Should you need any assistance along the way the Stylecover team is always available to help, just give them a call.

Need more information?

If you need more information on the Stylecover Insurance policies, contact Aon Stylecover directly on 0800 50 51 52 between the hours of 8.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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