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Manchester Unity’s Annual Conference

Our Annual General Meetings are called Conferences and we have two types. The first is the “Movable Conference”. This is held biennially and as its name implies it is held at various locations around the country. It is at these Movable Conferences that we elect our Officers and Directors. These Conferences are held over two days with the opportunity for those attending to socialise (important for a National Organisation) and witness the installation ceremony for our Officers. Often the Lodge hosting the Movable Conference will have a trip organised for the day after the conference finishes. An opportunity for them to showcase their area to visitors.

In the years between the Movable Conferences we hold a Special Conference which is always held in Wellington. The Special Conference is held on one day and concentrates on business matters and remits, with no elections.

Manchester Unity is governed by its Annual General Meetings (AGM). We consider rule changes, adopt the Annual Financial Statements, vote on remits proposed either from the Board or the individual Lodges. Every second AGM we elect our Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master and any Director positions where the Director has retired by rotation. We confirm appointments of Independent Directors and members of the Fraternal Council.

Movable Conference 2021

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