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Around the Lodges & Society

Grand Master in Pride of Place

Our current Grand Master, Bro Graham Allanson is originally from Nelson Lodge and his photo has now been proudly placed in the Lodge rooms alongside previous Grand Masters from Nelson Lodge. Bro Graham … Continue reading Grand Master in Pride of Place


Antipodean Zoom’s to Lodge

11 Members and guests from around New Zealand gathered to participate in Antipodean Lodges first ever Zoom meeting this week. During the meeting members learnt about the new member benefits offered by society, discussed … Continue reading Antipodean Zoom’s to Lodge


City of Wellington Lodge embraces ZOOM

The first week in May saw City of Wellington trial the ZOOM platform as a way to meet. Our inaugural meeting was very well attended with members thoroughly enjoying the experience. The ZOOM … Continue reading City of Wellington Lodge embraces ZOOM


Napier embraces Zoom!

12 tech-minded, modern thinking and forward-looking members held an enjoyable and successful meeting at Napier lodge last night.  Attendees enjoyed this method of staying connected.  The ease of using the Zoom platform is undoubtedly … Continue reading Napier embraces Zoom!


COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus Update March 2020. Manchester Unity has released the following updates: 12 May, 2020 Update: Click here 24 April, 2020 Update: Click here 22 April, 2020 Update: Click here April 14, 2020 Update: … Continue reading COVID-19 Update


Win a Panasonic TV!

We are seeking your stories of memorable vacations at a Manchester Unity holiday home to be in to win a Panasonic TV. Click here to complete the survey by 2nd June 2020. Terms and … Continue reading Win a Panasonic TV!


May 2020 Fraternally Yours

Check out our latest May edition of Fraternally Yours! Read about our new Members Forum, meet our new online pharmacist, the Grand Master’s message, and your opportunity to win a Panasonic TV! Read … Continue reading May 2020 Fraternally Yours


Napier Zooms to their Management Meeting.

Napier Lodge held their first ever Zoom Management meeting this week. It was really great to see everyone and have the face to face contact via Zoom.   We had a highly successful … Continue reading Napier Zooms to their Management Meeting.


Britannia Lodge is ZOOMing along

Monday midday saw the first ever Britannia Lodge ZOOM meeting take place. In attendance were 20 Manchester Unity members from across New Zealand. Members of Britannia Lodge welcomed guests who included, Grand Master … Continue reading Britannia Lodge is ZOOMing along


Members Forum online!              

Get involved in Manchester Unity’s new online community. It is designed to keep all members connected — even when we are apart. Where the conversation goes is up to you. Share tips, ideas, … Continue reading Members Forum online!              


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