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Get Involved!

You can make a difference and have fun! Get involved in Manchester Unity’s purpose of Members helping Members.

Use our national network of branches. We have 26 branches nationwide, which we call Lodges. The Lodge structure is where we meet to organise projects that help local members, discuss local and national business of Manchester Unity, learn meeting skills and get together with friends.

Make a differenceExperience fun!
Get involved in your lodge, helping your local members, and strengthening Manchester Unity.
Most Lodge meetings have some form of social activity. Beyond the lodge meeting, there are many other social activities for you to join in!

Make a difference

Get involved in your lodge, helping your local members, and strengthening Manchester Unity.

In addition to doing good, getting involved will allow you to improve skills in leadership, public speaking, meeting procedures, and will expand your network.

Get involved in your lodge

By attending lodge meetings you can:

  • Determine what impact the lodge has on helping the local members
  • Contribute to Lodge management:
    • Recognising and awarding Lodge members
    • Appointing Lodge officers and trustees
    • Deliberating on Lodge’s input into Manchester Unity’s constitutional Rules
    • Selecting Lodge delegates to the national conference

Get involved in helping your local members

By attending your lodge meeting or contacting your lodge you can get involved in:

  • local helping projects for fellow members
  • opportunities to provide practical help to fellow members
  • in projects to help the wider members of Manchester Unity

Get involved in strengthening Manchester Unity

You can strengthen Manchester Unity by participating in surveys and contributing at Annual Conferences. 

Manchester Unity holds an annual conference every October in a different city. At the annual conference, elected delegates from Lodges have a say in the conduct of MU’s business:

  • electing directors,
  • receiving annual reports,
  • amending Rules of Manchester,
  • awarding Members,
  • voting on remits

Experience fun!

Lodges have some form of social activity on their meeting nights to help members get to know one another better and from these many lasting friendships are formed.

Outside the meetings, Lodges join together in social activities with an emphasis on family participation, such as Christmas functions, sports days, picnics, movie nights and much more.

You are welcome to attend a local meeting to see for yourself the benefits that it provides.

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