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Grand Masters address at Britannia Lodge 175th

On Saturday 10 February 2018 I had the real pleasure of being able to address members and friends all on such a magnificent occasion as the celebration of 175 years of Loyal Britannia Lodge.  I explained that when I get the opportunity to tell non-members that our Society has been in existence for over 175 years I feel that is something really special and I feel really proud and honoured to be a part of such a great society.  I realise that times have certainly changed but members obviously have had the ability to adapt to our changing environment or we wouldn’t have lasted this long.  Wellington certainly proved to be in the forefront of progress within MUFS.

It was also great to see so much of the old regalia worn at the meeting.  As I had mentioned earlier it is great to move with the times and adapt accordingly but it is also so very important to remember and celebrate the past.  At my own Lodge last year we ran one of our meetings using the old ritual as many of our newer members had never seen it done and everyone really enjoyed the experience.

Congratulations to Loyal Britannia Lodge on being the second lodge to reach the great milestone of 175 years after Nelson being first in April 2017.

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