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Grand Masters Visit Home

Bro. Graham Allansons’ first Fraternal Council Meeting, as Grand Master, was held in Nelson, his Mother Lodge. Upon arriving at the Lodge Rooms, he was greeted with a, ‘This Is Your Life – Memory Board’, starting out in Loyal Nelson Lodge and beyond to what you see today, our ‘Grand Master’. The expressions on his face were priceless, followed by laughter and memories. We started the day with morning tea then moved on to the Fraternal Council Meeting. Meal breaks were catered by Our Ladies – well done and much appreciated.

GM Bro Allanson enjoying his Memory Board

The Memory Board

The Fraternal Council – which consists of GM Bro. Graham Allanson, Deputy GM Bro. Neil Harvey, Fraternal Manager Sis. Pip McLean, Fraternal Councillors’ Sis. Wendy Pilcher and Bro. Eion McIntosh – came to our Lodge Meeting in the evening. This was at our Lodge Hall where they were welcomed and introduced to Nelson Noble Grand, Sis. Karen Linton. Bro. Allanson was invited to address the Meeting and then introduced the Fraternal Council members who spoke as well. Bro John Simpson PGM gave a few memories of Bro Allansons time here in Nelson Lodge. The Meeting concluded with a Social Time and Supper of course.

GM Bro Allanson addressing Nelson Lodge

PGM Bro. Simpson speaking about GM Bro Allansons time in Nelson Lodge

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