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Rotorua is Reinvigorating!

Manchester Unity members in Rotorua have reassembled and launched into exciting events recently. There is no holding back for the enthusiastic bunch as they rekindle their friendship with each other and with Manchester Unity.

Rotorua Luncheon

On Saturday, 27 July, 31 Rotorua Members and 11 other Waikato Members with our Fraternal Manager, Pip McLean, and our Growth, Welfare and Social Manager, Ted Foley attended a lovely Luncheon at the Rotorua Citizens Club. We all had a great time meeting up with new friends!

Pip McLean, Fraternal Manager, awarding Oscar Grant his 80-year certificate.

Ten Pin Bowling

A few weeks later, on Friday, 9 August, 15 members from Rotorua and 2 others from Waikato met at the Ten Pin Bowling Centre in Rotorua. Twelve played while others watched and cheered on. Two teams took an hour to get through one game! It was rolling fun! After the game, we refuelled with coffee and a snack.

Diane on the ball!

Before that morning, none of us knew each other but after a few hours, we got to know each other very well!

After such a great time, the Rotorua members decided they will have a monthly meeting on the fourth Friday of every month, starting from September 2019.

Enjoying friendship with a cuppa.

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